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35 life-affirming albums to help get you through self-quarantine, according to music experts

I believe it's safe to say music has been everyone's top companion during these weird, solitary times. You're working from home, cooking lunch at home, exercising, partying, napping, gardening. And there's no one there to judge what you chose to play! Or at least have an opinion. I'm sure you've all got your quarantine favorites by now, as we all. In case you were wondering, here are my absolute tops: 2012–2017 by Nicolas Jaar: a fantastic compilation of heavy funk and soul sampled music. Starts as your typical set of house music tracks slowly morphing into an unconventional dance album. Graceland by Paul Simon: introduced by my dad when I was still in the single digits, this mix of American grass roots and South African music is an all time favorite of mine in any situation (mainly for dancing around the kitchen while by food burns in the pan).

La Llorona by Lhasa: probably because deep down it reminds me of my Latin American roots, this album, and generally Lhasa's music, is great for a rainy day.

Since I Left You by Avalanches: some say 900, other say 3,500 samples make up this album. Perfect to fall into Dark Room Sessions mode. Here's an article published by the LA Times where you can find a bunch of music-loving experts talking about their fave isolation albums. From jazz to opera to electronica, calming sounds and varying intensities, each and every album is it's own little hidden jem. And to quote Jason King, a professor at New York University: We’re living in an era of self-isolation, physical distancing and quarantines — surely the greatest experiment in forced mass disaggregation ever. While we’re stuck indoors in silos, maybe music can remind us of our intrinsic interconnectedness and shared planetary humanism. Happy listening!

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