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New interest in livestreamed gigs looks likely to outlive COVID-19 shutdown

To be honest, before March 2020 I'd never attended a live-streamed concert. I knew they existed but I'm just a huge fan of live music. For me, live music is an all-encompassing experience: the anticipation before the show, travelling together to the venue, having a few drinks before, the support act, the first 30 seconds when the main act comes out, and the dancing... oh, the dancing. Everyone is there for the same reason and you are all sharing the same moment, the same vibes. And that's probably the most important part of it all - the vibes. This could make it or break it for me. I could be watching my favorite band but if the audience isn't feeling it, it really puts me off. And I could be listening to an artist for the first time and be really into it mainly because of how much people are into it. Which is why I never really got into the live-stream format. I tried it a few weeks ago and enjoyed the intimacy of it, an artist playing from their bedroom or back yard and letting you in. But it got old quite quickly and I could feel myself needing that human interaction that only a live music show can give you. For obvious reasons, live-stream gigs have flourished in the last few months, not only have we seen an increase in the amount of artists making use of this format but also the number of fans tuning in - with options for both paid and free content. And interestingly enough, a recent study shows that 70% of those who had tuned into a livestreamed concert during lockdown would do so again in the future even once lockdown is over. And this could be quite beneficial for many. For many artists, touring is quite expensive so being able to gig from your living room while you grow your fanbase is an big advantage. Added to this, no one is quite sure what the travelling situation will be like for the next 12 months or so, so being able to reach fans all over the world without having to get on a plane quickly makes it accessible to all those people who can't afford travelling to a different city or paying lavish ticket prices. Needless to say, if you're an artist and decide to use live-stream - now and post COVID-19 - it will be unavoidable to think outside the box and make your live music experience at home out-of-the-ordinary. Competition will be tough. And although the day I get to go to a live gig again can't come soon enough, I also can't wait to see what the future brings in terms of live streamed music. Click here to read a bit more about the subject and some surprising results of a survey conducted in the US by the data and analytics unit at talent agency group UTA

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